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Downtown Norfolk Map

PARKING GARAGE ENTRANCE:  Directions to Generic Theater down under Chrysler Hall

1) Enter the scope parking garage;
2) Proceed through gate; 
3) Stay in the right-hand lane and drive forward, past the Scope box office on the right, and continue forward in the right lane;
4) Note sign that says "Lower Level Parking," note the ramp to the right of the sign, drive down that ramp;
5) At the very bottom end of the ramp turn left at the wall;
6) Drive all the way to a 2nd wall, turn left; 
7) Double doors to the theater are to the right. 

PLEASE NOTE: Parking in the Scope Garage may not be available during some performances due to Admiral Hockey and other Chrysler events. 

UPPER OUTER ENTRANCE:  Directions to Generic Theater down under Chrysler Hall

Facing the Chrysler Hall Box office, enter the red door to your right and proceed down two levels to the Generic Theater

Alternative Parking:

  • MacArthur Center - North and South Parking Garages (See Parking Option 1).
  • St. Paul's Lot - On the corner of St. Paul's Boulevard and Wood Street. The entrance is on Wood Street. The theater is immediately accessible across the street on St. Paul's Boulevard (See Parking Option 2).
  • York Street Garage - On the corner of Bute and Boush Street. An entrance is available on both streets.
  • These facilites are all within easy walking distance to our entrance next to the Chrysler Hall box office


Generic Theater
down under Chrysler Hall
215 St. Paul's Blvd
Norfolk, V 23510


Generic Theater for Kids
P.O.Box 536
Norfolk, VA 23501